About Eh-Eh-Eh-Eh What? Productions

       Eh-Eh-Eh-Eh What? Productions is a small organization formed originally to help people with their everyday puzzle problems.  They have created and continue to create video tutorials, puzzle reviews, and other miscellaneous puzzle videos.  They later decided to make other types of videos, such as reviews on tech related things.  Below is some information about the two members.

Joe Cruso

        Sgoin' on?  I'm Joe, Rubik's Apprentice and iOS Applications Programmer.  I started cubing when I was 12, and since, I have had questions come to me such as, "How do I solve the cube?"  Well, I finally decided to try to teach the ways of the cube.  So, I founded Eh-Eh-Eh-Eh What? Productions and recruited Syrus to help me out.  I also think music is cool, and Evanescence is awesome.  Oh, and my picture to the left has an x-ray effect.  Just sayin'.  I was afraid you didn't notice.  Currently, my record for the 3x3 is 0:22.80.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                More About Me...

Sy Guy

        Hi! I'm Syrus Guyrus, but you can call me Sy.  I'm in charge of the random and review videos. I'm also in 42FM with Joe as the guitarist and lead singer. I've been cubing for about a year. My favorite restaurant is Arigatos.  I can solve a Rubik's Cube in 1 minute 47 seconds. Not as good as Joe Cruso, but it's pretty good, probably better than what you can do.

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