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Steps To Unscrambling A Rubik’s Magic

  1. Perform a Flip With the Logo Facing Up
    1. Does it Work?
      1. If yes, go to the red 2.
      2. If no, perform a mess-up flip and go to the red 2.
  2. Look At Your Magic
    1. Is it Completely Messed Up?
      1. If no, go to the red 3.
      2. If yes, flip over and go to the green 2.
    2. Preform the Series of Folds Twice
      1. If you have no idea what that means, watch the video.
      2. If you did the green 2, flip your Magic back over and go to the red 3.
  3. Look At the Logo
    1. Is it Horizontal?
      1. If yes, go to the red 4.
      2. If no, do a flip. The logo should now be horizontal.
  4. Rotate Your Magic However Many Times It Takes Until It Becomes Unscrambled.
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